Sunday, March 4, 2012

Christmas in March

Christmas in March - sounds kinda crazy, right?! 

Well, as much as I LOVE Christmas - I do not celebrate it all year long.  This year, my Christmas tree/inside decorations started coming down on December 26th.  I had caught a slight bug of some sort on Christmas night, so the spirit of the season had left my body in more ways than one.   During the week in between Christmas and New Years, I continued to take down trees, pack ornaments away, and place all the decorations in their assigned spots. I was on a roll!

Flash Forward to March 1, 2012:  As I got in my car in the wee hours of the morning, I paid more attention to the front of my house than I have in mmm...probably the last couple of months.  What I noticed, was actually what I had failed to notice over those past couple of months.

We still have our outside Christmas decorations up/out in the open for all the world to see.  I could have sworn that we put those damn things away.  It was dark outside when I realized it so I couldn't take pictures to prove they were still up - but wouldn't you know - when I got home from work, those dang decorations hadn't gone ANYWHERE! belated/early Christmas present to you is, Christmas in March.

This is a "Christmasmoose" and at the moment, I couldn't tell you how long he had been laying, face down in our front yard.  He's a cute little guy when he's standing - all wrapped up in garland and lights with a big round red nose.  How lazy of a homeowner can you be to not just pick him up and tuck him away in the garage?  Helllooooooo oblivous homeowner!

These are the outside decorations that I did take down (along with some of our Little Tykes Slide and Water table that were supposed to be put away at the end of last summer).   Notice how the slide doubles as a candy cane holder?  I would also go out on a limb and say that we've probably lost most of the stakes that go with those Christmas trees.   Oh, and let's not forget about the inflatable 6 foot tall Frosty the Snowman, draped over the slide.  Is it to early to say that I'm just getting ready for next Christmas?  Eh, probably not. Hellooooooo tacky and oblivious homeowner!

Ignore half the dog butt in the picture and pay attention to the railing.  Still wrapped in green garland with white snowflake lights going across.  Pretty huh?  I debated leaving the garland up since it's green and St. Patricks Day is coming up, but I wasn't sure if everyone would see that as creative genius or.....lazy, white trash homeowner!  I went ahead and took it all down.  I even moved the play equipment to the back yard - it's harder to see back there, thus making our front yard look less tacky. Hellooooooo tacky, lazy, AND oblivious homeowner!

Moral of the story?  I end each holiday season with the best of intentions.  As I'm typing, I notice that I still have red lights, heart garland, and red tissue paper flowers hanging up in my house.  I've definitely got my project for tomorrow!

Do you have holiday lights, Christmas Trees, or decorations still hanging around at your house?! Leave a comment below!

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  1. One year I didn't take our Christmas tree down until after Valentine's Day. Because I was still high on Christmas spirit? Pfft... nope, just completely lazy. LOL The last couple years haven't been too bad though. I typically have mine down by the end of the first week of January. However, I did realize just 2 days ago (as I was busily pack-pack-packing away all our things for the move) that I had missed one Christmas decoration! Our lighted wreath, complete with big red bow, was still hanging on the wall in the kids' playroom above the TV. *facepalm* Although, after putting it away with all the other Christmas decorations, I did take down our Valentine's hearts welcome sign off the front door and throw up our Spring/Easter Bunny thing with the dangly carrots... even if it too will find it's way back into storage by this time next week. lol

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