Monday, March 26, 2012

R.I.P Spider

My husband and kids recently brought home a new "pet".  I was at work and they decided to take advantage of our school district being on spring break as well as the unusually warm March weather.  Although we have every toy imaginable in our back yard: water table, play house, swing set, slide, etc.  - both kids still love to walk to the school that's a couple of houses down and play on the "big kid" playground. 
Now I may be missing some details here, because I usually don't find out the full version of what happens while I'm away until days- - -sometimes months later.  But the gist of it goes something like this:  One of the kids found a craw-dad....well crawling on the ground.  There was no body of water to be found anywhere near the playground.  I'm pretty sure if they would have looked, they probably would have found a ditch near by to drop the crawdad back in.  They didn't look and instead my husband convinced the kids that they should take it home and let him live in our fish tank.  When I found out about this, I said:  "You should have left him there - he was obviously on a suicide mission".  My husband said: "Oh no - he was just looking for a good home."

When I got home from work, both kids were so excited to show me their new "friend".  "Look mommy - it's Spider!," Emma squealed.  Brayden said, "Daddy, let us bring him home!"

Spider didn't try to kill the other fish in the tank.  He got a little rough with Mickey Mouse (yep all of our fish have names) and he taunted Kool Aid a little bit, but for the most part he kept to himself in the sunken pirate ship next to some neon rocks.
Fast forward one week later.  Garry called me on my way home from work to let me know - Spider jumped off a ledge....he literally escaped from the fish tank, jumped off the cabinet and made an attempt to crawl to the light (our patio door).  He didn't make it and Garry found him (dead) right next to the door. 

So, here's to Spider.  The best darn crawdad our family could have asked for.  He will be missed, even though we only had him for a week.   We love ya Spidey!

Spider - 2012 to 2012 (He's in the opening to the sunken pirate ship).

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  1. Wow, that little sucker was pretty determined to get away from your family!! RIP Spider.