Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice...That's What Little Girls Are Made Of!

For obvious reasons, my time has been far shorter with Emma than Brayden.  And by obvious reasons, I mean she was born later.  And to be exact - March 29th, 2010 was the date our little princess entered the world.   She was dubbed a princess from the day we found out we were having a girl.  Here's a rundown of everyone's reactions when we saw the sonogram:  I cried - Garry shook his head - and Brayden said "I have a sissy?"  Garry followed up his initial reaction later in the day with "Does everything seriously have to be pink?"  I just looked at him and we haven't had that conversation since. 

Emma completed our family - we had our boy and we were gonna have a girl.  We turned our extra bedrom into a two shades of pink, sparkly, tiaras everywhere nursery.  This momma was on cloud nine, and that's an understatement.   She's not quite two, but every moment has been a blessing.  Every screech, tear, and giggle add to the personality of one AMAZING little girl   So please enjoy every Tiara wearing moment.

Sister has had a sense of style since she was born.

10.  The eye roll. 

We were sitting at dinner one night and Emma started doing something she wasn't supposed to.   I looked at her and said "No, No Emma".  She looked back at me and gave me the biggest eye roll I've ever seen on anyone.  She was barely a year old and she proceeded to roll her eyes at me two more times during dinner that night - each time after I told her "No" about something.  I definitely have a diva on my hands!

9.  Hi Daddy!

Her first word was of course, Daddy.  Now she's learned a lot more words and talks all the time.  Everytime I come home from work, she runs to the baby gate and says, "Hi Daddy!".  She's gotten better recently about calling me Mommy - but occassionally when she's talking to me, she'll let the "D" word slip.

8.  Dag Nabbit

She is a repeater.  Especially anything her brother says.  Again, we were sitting at dinner one night and Garry said something and followed it with "Dag Nabbit".  Brayden followed by repeating Garry.  Emma then tried repeating Brayden - hers wasn't quite as clear as the other two though.  She kept saying it over and over again - it's just that it sounded more like "God Damnit" than Dag Nabbit.

7.  Bebe

She loves her baby dolls.  She covers them up at night, she sings them lullabys, and we have to take them everywhere with us.  She got a carseat for Christmas and now we have to take that with us everywhere too.  It's so cute and precious to watch.  But man it's a hassle to take that stuff everywhere we go.

6.  Morning Glory

She rarely cries when she wakes up in the morning.  Instead she sits in her crib and just jabbers away to herself.  She occassionally sings too.  It's so adorable!

5.  My little Annie/Fancy Nancy

Girlfriend has got some crazy hair.  She's got these beautiful curls that are impossible to tame, but I love them.  I think her bright red hair adds to the craziness but it's still beautiful.  We can't go anywhere without someone saying "Oh my - look at that gorgeous hair!"  She's a cross between Fancy Nancy and Annie.

My favorite pic of her so far.  She is so gorgeous - crazy curls and all!

4.  Tough as a boy.

Brayden learned fairly early that he could take things away from his sister without her doing much about it.  And for awhile - she did just that - not much.  She has since learned to defend herself and her stuff.  Many times it's by out running Brayden and hiding behind Garry or I, but I have seen her pop Brayden on the head occassionally.  She is definitely learn to hold her own in house with a rough and tumble boy. 

3.  She's addicted to bubbly.

No, not that bubbly.  She is addicted to Sparkling Blueberry Grape Juice.  After she had a taste of that, she wanted nothing to do with the apple juice that was in our fridge.  It was quite entertaining listening to her say "No - not that juice!!!" 

2.  My own personal Snuggie.

She loves to snuggle.  I love sitting on the couch and she comes up and sits beside me.  She does the same thing with Garry.  A lot of times when she sits with Brayden, she will put her arm around him.  Again, sweetest thing ever.
Cute, right?!

1.  It's Potty Time!

She started using the potty, completely, 100% voluntarily.  We had no plans to introduce it until after she turned two.  Just a few weeks ago she started telling us she needed to go potty.  We finally started listening - she started using the potty.  She's not all the way there, but we're on our way to being diaper free!! Woot, woot!

We are again, so blessed to have Emma in our lives.  She screams bloody murder and then lets out this little tiny giggle.  She dances around in circles and it's so hilarious to watch.  She loves dresses, bracelets, necklaces, and carrying a purse.  (She's so my daughter.)  Emma Grace = My Princess for life.

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  1. Enjoy the blog. Your house sounds a lot like mine!