Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bouncy Houses, Ice Cream and Pudding Paint!

To say that this weekend has been a mild one, would be an understatement.  In this particular weekend, my family has portrayed one of those happy families you see in commercials: sitting around the table eating some Campbell's soup, laughing at each others witty comments, and hugging at the end of the commercial.   It's unusual, unheard of, and completely unbelievable - but there were no threats, no tears, and no yelling - and the kids were being pretty awesome too!  Of course - my little monkeys have acted a lot like the gorillas that got loose at the local zoo today.  Oh well, all good things must come to an end.  Even though the calm is gone and the storm has returned, I wouldn't have it any other way.  (It's not a bad storm anyways - it's my storm and I love it.) 

So here is a brief rundown of our mild mannered weekend:

Friday, my husband was in desperate need of some man time.  So he made a man date with his ex-cousin (don't ask), and they went and shot guns.  What's more manly than that? I'm pretty sure my husband just wanted to practice his end of the world drills, but eh - who am I to judge?  He wanted man time, I wanted kid time, it was all an even trade.  I wanted to take the kids to do something fun since it was rare that I had a Friday off.  So after nap, we loaded up and headed to Space Bound - an indoor playground filled with five different kinds of bouncy houses, slides, jungle gym things.  The kids loved it and I was sweaty - for two reasons:

1.  It was hot in there.  No, it really was - I heard other parents complaining of it also, so it wasn't just my extra poundage that made it feel warm.
2.  I'm not sure those activities are made for full sized adults, but for the enjoyment of my children I climbed, slid, and bounced...a lot.  I've been popping Excederin Back and Body since Friday.

During our visit, Emma and I were rescued from the middle of one of the more complicated jungle gyms - by an 8 year old.  In return, I rescued a toddler (not one of my own) from exiting one of the bouncy things head first.   So, I'm not sure who to give hero of the day to:  Me or the eight year old?

Brayden loved this thing!  So did Emma, but that was a long climb to the top!

After a couple of hours of bouncing, sweating, sliding, sweating, climbing, sweating, getting stuck, and sweating some more...we were all ready to leave.  B and E were delightful the entire time, so I told them we would go the "Ice Cream Parlor" aka Baskin Robbins and get a treat.   Can I just say, that I love my kids?  No matter what you tell them - as long as you say it with an exclamation at the end they will readily agree.  Who wants to match socks?!!  Who wants to go to the grocery store?!  It works everytime.  The hubs was on his way home from his man date, so we decided to meet up at the home of 31 flavors and get everyone an afternoon treat.

Honestly, my life is pretty amazing.  And so is theirs.

Em sharing her ice cream with her big brother.  Insert heart melt now!

We capped our Friday off with laying our exhausted, sugar high kids in bed, and then engaging in a little grown up time.  And by grown up time, I mean Garry sat at the table and cleaned his gun, while I stood next the counter where my glue gun was plugged in at and made hair bows.  We talked about how sweet our kids were, how much alone time was appreciated (and needed) and who was going to buy new tires for my car.  FYI: We haven't worked that one out yet.  We finally watched the movie that I had rented from the night before.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Saturday was a beautiful day as well.  Again, I am SO very blessed and it doesn't get much better than this:
I'm SO lucky!
Since Sunday is Fun day around these parts, I covered the table with wax paper, bought 3 packs of pudding (best $3 investment ever) and let the kiddos go to town with pudding paint.  They looked like they had bathed in it instead of painted with it but they had fun and I had fun watching them. 
Didn't take long for them to get the hang of it!

I am pudding man!

True Story:  She was having so much fun until she looked in the mirror.  Then she cried and said "I'm yucky". much pudding fun?

He was quite pleased with his messiness!

Needless to say, we had a mid afternoon bath today, which happens to be the perfect lead in to my new blog sponsor!  Please join me in welcoming Darinda Sant and  The Water Bottle Soap Company to Tiaras and Tantrums!  I am SO excited to have her!  Make sure you check out her website, her Facebook and her Etsy shop and show her some love!   And don't forget to check out her bio below!  Read all the way to the end, because it's giveaway time again too!

Darinda Sant was in a quandary over what to do with the hundreds of plastic water bottles she and her friends used every year.  She knew throwing them out was bad for the environment so into the recycling container they would go week after week. She knew there had to be something better, more environmentally proactive to be done with these plastic bottles that were clogging landfills everywhere.  One night, as she tapped her empty bottle on the table, it slipped out of her hand and as she picked it up, she noticed the design on the bottom.  Immediately, her designer sensibilities kicked in.  She realized the shape on the bottom of the bottle was unique and could be used as a mold....the answer was simple: Soap!  Darinda created soaps using the water bottles as molds and gave them as her annual handmade holiday gifts.  Like all good things, word began to spread, requests started coming in, and The Water Bottle Soap Company was born!

The Water Bottle Soap Company uses all natural, vegan friendly, Kosher ingredients.  The delicious fragrances range from floral to chocolate.  The soap bases are made from vegetables and plants with as few additives as possibole.  The soaps can be personalized with the recipient's name, and can be used as wedding or bridal shower favors.

Her soaps start at just $1.50 a piece and the highest priced soap set tops out at $20, plus applicable sales tax, shipping, and handling.  The Water Bottle Soap Company, offers an affordable luxury for anyone.

Darinda says "I am so happy to be doing my part for reducing/reusing/repurposing/recycling via The Water Bottle Soap Company.  Not only is my company helping the environemtn but I am making a prodcut, that people use every day, a little more luxurious and thereby a little more fun for them."

I can't say thank you enough to Darinda or the Water Bottle Soap Company for allowing me to feature such an amazing line of products!

Decadence Butterscotch Brulee $7

Get Your Eggs in a Basket $10.00 (Perfect Easter gift for all you ladies!)

Tied up in Zing set of 3 $6

How fun, amazing, wonderful are these soaps?  I LOVE the fact that the idea came from  reusing something that a lot of people would nornally throw away.  So here's the deal, Tiaras and Tantrums and The Water Bottle Soap Company have joined forces and we're giving you a chance to win a Bit O' Heaven Spa Set!   All you have to do is comment on this post (and this post only - Not Facebook!)  I'll be linking back to this post all week and the contest doesn't end until Saturday at 7 p.m. CST so tell your friends!  The winner will be chosen by and posted on Saturday nights blog post.   The winner will need to send an email by Tuesday to myself or a new winner will be chosen.
So was your weekend wacky and wild or meek and mild?  Did you get messy or did you clean up some messes?  Comment below for a chance to win the gift set pictured below!
Everyone deserves a little bit of heaven! This is the perfect special something to give that hard working person in your life. Set includes two Massage Rounds beautifully wrapped in a Porcelain soap dish!  Valued at $10.00


  1. My 6 month old ate his first bowl of baby food today and it was in his hair on his face and clothes and all over me lmbo!!!!

  2. Nathaniel had his first sleepover at a friend's house. I might have spent the evening alone with John stressing about how Nathaniel was doing, except that the friend's big sister is friends with Elizabeth, so... she went too.
    They stayed up very late, so the kids slept all day (another quiet day).
    Then when we stopped to visit Grandma and Grandpa today, they begged to stay the night (afterall, they were going to keep them a few hours in the morning, so they might as well just stay... gotta love when they get old enough to out reason the adults...). Another evening alone.
    So, an unexpectedly quiet weekend for us.

  3. Great weekend! Date night with hubby on Friday. Normal calm Saturday and then crazy Sunday as usual.

  4. Aww, looks like the kids had a ton of fun!

    Our weekend has been fairly quiet but busy. Kaitlyn finally got over the bug that had her out of school half of last week. Saturday I finalized my first Craigslist sale without a single hiccup. Afterwards we hit up the library to pick up a copy of "The Butter Battle Book" which I will be reading to Connor's class in 2 weeks for Read Across America. Much cleaning/packing has been done in anticipation of moving. And this evening the kids and I hosted our own personal 2-hour dance party in the living room. We all had a blast yet were still productive. And with the kids not having school tomorrow because of the holiday, we get to extend the fun a little longer. :)

  5. very nice pic's,, your babies are so sweet I like such kind of blogs
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  6. Way to go adding a sponsor! My weekend was very mild-all sick! Movies, popcorn & plenty of water! I enjoyed the pudding painting pictures-I use colored shaving cream.

  7. Our weekend consisted of Disney on Ice, a move to a big boy bed, and a baby shower (2.5 hours away!). Busy weekend with lots of family, travel, and fun!

  8. My weekend was nice! On Saturday we had a going-away party for a close family friend thats moving to California next weekend! On Sunday we cleaned our dogs kennel, bed, and everything in between, plus he got a bath! Bathroom floor was soaked, to say the least!
    Love reading your blogs!!