Saturday, February 11, 2012

Monster Jammin' Momma

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I am not a "Monster Jam" kind of mom.  I don't like dirt, loud trucks annoy me, and people on four wheelers scare me to death.  I'm also not a fan of truck/tractor pulls, hunting, fishing, sweating or camping - tent style.  I do love Disney on Ice, Sesame Street Live, musicals, shopping, air conditioning and camping - Embassy Suites style. 

With that said, I am a mom of a little boy who is ALL boy.  100% no doubt boy.  He loves dirt, loud trucks, four wheelers, being outside and running around.  His dad is planning on taking him camping and fishing this summer, which I am also sure he is going to love.  Because he loves the things that I despise so much, I try very hard not to show my dismay for the above mentioned things.  In fact, I even try to enjoy those things.

And that is what led us to "Monster Jam" on Friday evening:

Tickets to Monster Jam: $60 - The look on my sons face when we told him we were going: Priceless

Although Monster Jam is not my cup of tea, I was honestly and truely looking forward to going.  Maybe not so much for the trucks and car smashing but to spend some quality time with both my son and my husband.  In addition to the show, we told Brayden that he could pick where we ate at before the show.  Once I said the words "You can pick where we eat at", I immediately began praying for two things:  One, that he wouldn't choose Chuck E. Cheeses and Two, that he would pick Jose Peppers,  because he knows that's my favorite.  His restaurant of choice:  IHOP.  So, we loaded up the car and set out for our first stop of the night: International House of Pancakes.

Such a little character!

Parenting 101:  A place that offers 5 different kinds of syrup, in addition to whip cream and fruit topping for pancakes is not a wise choice of venues to eat at.  FYI.

With our bellies full of breakfast for dinner, we were off to our next stop - which was our destination for the evening:

We're cuties and we know it!

And our adventure begins.  I was immediately emersed in Monster Truck mania.  There were people with signs with their favorites written on it.  I was informed of Trucks called Gravedigger, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco, Bad Habit, Grinder and more.   We spent $55 on Cotton Candy with a Monster Truck shaped hat attached, a Hotwheels Grave Digger car, a Grave Digger sword and a program.   I really had no idea what this so called Grave Digger was or why he was so popular - but apparently everyone else did because I was definitely not the only one purchasing over priced plastic swords!

I did a lot of cringing - every time a truck flipped on it's back wheels, I was sure it was going to flip over in the stands.  When these trucks were doing donuts in the middle of the track, I thought for sure that they were going to lose control and slam into the side of the track.  And I was sure that a piece of debree from a crushed car would come flying straight into Section 114.  My heart stopped when one of the people racing a four wheeler went over their handle bars and laid in the dirt, for what seemed like forever - not moving at all.  And with the smell of exhaust fumes, I was almost certain that there would be some sort of explosion and the whole place would be evacuated.  And I used the words "I'm going to have a panic attack" about 47 times during the first half of the show.

I ain't saying she's a Grave Digger...but she ain't messin with no broke....nevermind.

Brayden had these spiffy ear muffs to protect his hearing, and Garry gave me some earplugs.  My question to Garry:  "Why the heck have you been holding out on me with these earplugs?  No wonder why your so calm all the time."

Monster Trucks in all their Glory

I also did a lot of laughing, cheering, and clapping.  We picked favorites during each round:  Brayden and I always picked the losers and Garry always picked the winners.  I howled when my new favorite monster truck, "GRAVE DIGGER" entered the arena.  I screamed when the only woman driver made her way back into the arena after her truck had some initial difficulties during the wheelie competition.  My heart swelled with pride when the driver of the four wheeler that went over the front of his contraption got up and walked out of the arena.  I smiled with a sense of pride when my 3 year old found a little boy named Alex and started playing with him - even letting him play with his brand new Monster Truck.  And I couldn't help but laugh out loud when one of the parents in front of me looked at our sack of souveniers and asked "You guys bought the whole set huh?"  I just smiled and said "Pretty Much".

More from Parenting 101:  Your kid will ultimately become incredibly whiny and incredibly hard to deal with after pancakes drowned in 5 kind of syrup, 1 bag of cotton candy, and bottle of juice from Quik Trip.

This is Brayden and his new friend Alex.  It was cute to watch them play together, even though they got in trouble for playing on the stairs.   Darn those fire hazards.

Grave Digger Truck and Sword and of course, our Grave Digger hat.

Overall, it wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be.  The earplugs prevented a headache that I had been anticipating, the Monster Trucks had provided me some unexpected entertainment, and the look on my boys' face (the big one and the little one) totally made my night:

Two of the most important guys in  my life - having a blast.

In fact, if I'm being honest here (which I usually try to be) I had a blast.  We definitely made some fun memories.  I definitely want to come back and eventually take Emma(so there's a little more girl power on my side.) I'm even finding myself wanting to plan a trip to North Carolina so we can go to the Diggers Dungeon - which is billed as a must see for Grave Digger fans...which I guess includes this momma now.

What have you endured as a parent for the pure enjoyment of your kids?   Monster Jam? New Kids on The Block?  The Wiggles in Concert?  Let's hear it people!!  

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  1. I hate being hot, sweaty and miserable. I hate being wet, cold and shivering. I am downright afraid of heights, and I can set myself into an instant panic attack thinking of all the things that could go wrong with my babies being more than a certain number of feet off the ground. (The same also applies to any event where they may come in contact with water more than 6 inches deep.) And to top it all off being in loud, crowded environments tends to set off a spree of migraines and tension headaches.

    For the boys: A cold, windy, (and eventually) rainy afternoon, evening and night at Newton Speedway to watch 2 different races; hot, sticky summer night at a local short track to watch Grandpa Randy race; and a stress-filled day at Six Flags that forced me to face my fear of heights for both myself and my babies, as well as my fear of them drowning on the water rides.

    For Kaitlyn: 2 Shawn Johnson performances (1 gymnastics/1 post-Dancing with the Stars); Disney Princesses on Ice; and a Taylor Swift concert (though I ended up enjoying that one myself!)

    Even when you're dreading, fearing and downright having anxiety attacks about doing things with or for your kids, the second you see that grin on their face and excitement in their eyes... it becomes worth every second of it.

  2. So true Danelle! So VERY true!