Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Resolution Renovation

Happy Wednesday!  As I've mentioned before, starting this blog was a New Year's Resolution of mine.  I wanted something that I could express myself with as well as something that I could share a tiny taste of the craziness that is my family.  I enjoy being able to write about anything I want to.  I'm the boss here on Tiaras and Tantrums and no one can change that. 

Before I get started on the meat and potatoes of tonight's blog, I have some housekeeping to do.   I have taken on a challenge courtesy of NaBloPoMo - I am going to post something every day in February.  Just a forewarning:  Some days may be more valuable to you than others.  Depending on my mood, some days may just irritate the crap out of you.  I've started carrying a tiny notebook and pen with me at all times and as I have ideas I've been writing them down.  The problem is always remembering where I've put the tiny notebook and being able to decipher all of my scribbles.  I'm also sure that I will have to use the writing prompts provided by NaBloPoMo as well!   And one last thing - a huge shout out to my girl Jen over at High Heels and Dirty Dishes - because she completed this same challenge in January and was a featured blog during the month!  Reading her blog in the morning as I'm getting ready for work is one of the highlights of my day!  I seriously hope she takes on the challenge again in February because she is SO talented.

Back on point:  The first month of the new year is over with.  It's time to take our Resolutions for their monthly check up.

Below is a partial list of my resolutions.  I have a lot more.  My thought process is the more I have the more likely I am to have a better success rate.  We'll see how this works out next December 31st. :)

1.  Start a Blog 

Status:  I did indeed start a blog.  I am challenged in the technology area so I have some work to do.  I practiced "linking" tonight and I think I got the hang of it.  Overall though this blog thing is going pretty well and I am proud of myself.  

2.  Get organized. 

Status:  Not a complete bust, instead a work in progress.  I bought an organizer and I've written appointments in it.  I just forget to take the organizer out and look at it after I make the appointments. I also bought one of those dry erase calendars to hang on the side of our fridge.  I  bought it back in October in anticipation of using it into the new year.  While it is still hanging on the side of the fridge, it still has October written on it and it's pretty much covered with magnets and food coupons.

3.  Lose Weight.

Status:  I need to lose some serious weight like Paula Dean needs to give up on the butta. I lost 5 pounds in January.  Really it was just the last full week that I even attempted to diet all month.  I'm told that a healthy weight loss would be 2 to 3 pounds a week.  I've got a diet buddy now and we've set new weight loss goals for this month.  I've been making healthier eating choices - as long as you don't count the crab rangoon I had at lunch today.  I've also been trying to get in a little bit of exercise. 

On a side note:   Nobody better buy me any damn chocolate for Valentine's Day.  Chocolate is my weakness and it seems like every time I start actually losing weight, somebody goes and buys something that is deliciously orgasmic in the chocolate department.  Chocolate is this momma's version of a highly addictive drug.   I'll take flowers, a card, and Breaking Dawn on DVD instead of chocolate.  Thank you in advance for following this suggestion.  This means you Garry Johnson.

4.  Spend less, Save more.

Status:  Ummm...Epic Fail?  I would do better if it were save less, spend more.  My health insurance premiums went down about 22 cents, so I saved some money there.  I bought some Christmas gifts on clearance after the holidays, so I saved some money in the long run there.  February is a short month, so I'm thinking I should just give this one up until March.  March reminds me of green and green reminds me of money so lets table this one until March. 

Most of my resolutions, including the one's not listed on here are a work in progress...after all, If at first you don't succeed, try, try again - right?!

So what's the one New Year's Resolution that you are kicking some serious boo-tay at?  What's the one that you wish you had never made?   Leave a comment and I'll be your friend forever!

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