Monday, February 20, 2012

An Interview with a Future President

"Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be President, but they don't want them to become politicians in the process."  - John F. Kennedy

When it comes to my three year old, this is the comment I hear  the most "That boy is gonna end up in the White House someday".  I always giggle to myself and say "Yeah, you're probably right."  Of course, only time will tell but Brayden already has some major qualifiers (in my opinion) to take on the job of President.  He's a fabulous negotiator, an amazing debater, and that smile of his will take him miles in a primary race.  He is as smart as they come, his vocabulary is better than some adults I know, and he's charming, witty, talented, and so very handsome.  Early this morning,  Brayden sat down with me and we did an impromptu interview on what the President does.  And like he always does, he gave it to me straight.

Mommy:  Who is the President of the United States?
Brayden: You are and Barack Obama is too.  You guys share and that's so, so nice of you.

Mommy:  What does the President do?
Brayden:  They hide money and they put the snow out for everyone to play in.  Oh, they protect people from storms too.  And they eat cake, lots and lots of cake. 

Mommy:  Where does the President live?
Brayden:  Oh, I know that - The White House - Grandpa and Grandma told me.  And that's where I'm going to live when I'm a grown up too.

Mommy:  How much money does the President make?
Brayden: Twenty monies.

Mommy:  How old do you have to be to become President?
Brayden: Really old.  Like as old as you are.

Mommy:  What do Presidents like to do?
Brayden:  They like to eat cake and take naps.  And they like to play their Leapster a lot.

He still has a lot to learn, but whether he decides to become Student Council President, a Lawyer, a Doctor, a Senator, the President, a janitor, or a Fry Cooker at McDonalds, one thing will always remain:  He will have my undying support and love, no matter what.  (And the blog post to prove it!)

Happy President's Day!

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