Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chalk on my Floor

Last night, while attempting (and succeeding) in writing a blog before my kids went to bed, my one year old crawled under our kitchen table and proceeded to color the floor with chalk.  My three year old kept going under there too so I honestly thought they were just entertaining each other.  They were doing exactly that - except he was supplying her with the chalk and then using a bottle of water and a paper towel to clean her mess up under the table. 

Shortly after dinner tonight, Brayden threw a massive tantrum that eventually required him to find a place in his room.  He kicked and he screamed and said things like "You better give me my baby room back because I'm acting like a baby!"  And "You are making me angry".  These were all said in a screechy, screamy, yelling kind of voice.

About Fifteen minutes ago, after I got the computer all booted up and began writing tonight's blog, my daughter came over and closed the laptop and said "The End hahahahaha". 

About ten minutes ago, Brayden came out of his room and apologized to everyone for acting like a baby.

About five minutes ago, Brayden came over to me and said, "Mommy Emma just said a bad word - she said damn and you should probably spank her."  (She hadn't said a word since he came out with his big apology a few minutes earlier.)

Now their dad is giving them a bath and I am contemplating.  I didn't get mad about the chalk, or the computer, or the tantrum.  There are few things in life that can't be cleaned up, fixed, repaired, patched or rebooted and I am slowly learning not to sweat the small stuff - like chalk on my floor. 

I'm taking a break from Challenge Thursday for a few weeks - but stay tuned because I'm working on some really great give-a-ways for February! 


  1. Ah I remember those days of constant activity. My kids are 17 months apart so it was crazy. Trying to remember not to sweat the small stuff was a constant challenge but it sounds like you have a good start on it. I admire that.

  2. Toddlers are just hard to control. My 2-year-old baby just started writing on the floor and all over the walls with a marker. It was a mess, but it's fine. Toddlers are usually in their exploratory phase so I understand. I just have to keep my eye on our can of markers! LOL!