Friday, February 3, 2012

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

One thing I've struggled with for a majority of my life is my own self image.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that a lot of women have struggled with their own self image as well.  Many are probably still struggling. For whatever reason, we are our own worst critic.  When I was in high school I was completely uncomortable in my own skin.  I felt I was overweight, my nose was the size of Rhode Island, my boobs were to big for my body, and I couldn't pull off the low rise jeans like the other girls could.

Flash Forward ten years later:

I'm much heavier than I was when I thought I was fat, my nose is still the size of Rhode Island and my boobs are still huge - except now they are huge and droopy.  And to top it off, I have this massive pimple coming through on my chin.  I obviously have way more physical issues now then I ever did at age 18.  However,  I'm so much more confident and happy with myself now then I ever was then.  Saggy boobs, back fat, stretch marks and even my huge pimple cannot stop me from feeling pretty and confident.  While I don't think I'll be modeling for the Victoria Secret catalog anytime soon, I don't let not being perfect get to me anymore. 

I saw this picture on Facebook the other day and thought it would be perfect for this blog:

I took a little survey this morning with some of my friends and family.  I asked one simple question:  What makes you feel pretty?

Ashley, my cousin and a newlywed had this to say:
Getting all dressed up and when I see that big smile on my husbands face :)

Beka, a friend from my college days had this to say:
My best friends strengthen the confidence I have to be me, which in turn makes me feel pretty. Working with my youth group kids helps a lot, too! They're not judgmental about the way you look, the clothes you have, etc. For them, it's all about how you treat people. They make it easy to settle into my skin and feel awesome about it! 

Kristin, one of my oldest friends (meaning we go way back) and an expectant mom had this to say:
Right now I feel the prettiest I've ever felt probably has something to do with the little rugrat inside me right now!!! I love being pregnant :)

Sonia, my sister and friend had this to say: :
I feel prettiest when my daughter tells me I do. The best compliment she gives me is when she changes her clothes so she is dressed like me.

Jen, friend and fellow mommy blogger had this to say:
Red lipstick and an amazing perfume!

Jana, my sister-in-law, friend, and back up baby sitter had this to say:
John pawing at me (I know, TMI, sorry, being honest) and his, "Hey, pretty lady," comments... Mascara... Compliments from the kids (cause you know they say what they really think)

I can personally relate to all of the above - except for my sister-in-law talking about my brother pawing at her....but that's because it's my brother and that would be gross if I related to that. :)  Each beautiful girl up above all came up with a different answer, a different view on what makes them feel pretty.  After thinking all day about what made me feel pretty, I cam up with the following list:

1.  BeautiControl Mineral Eye Shadow - Downtown Chic....I feel I'm at my best when I take the time to use this specific eye shadow.

2.  Flashy jewelry - the bigger the sparkle and flash the better.

3.  My kids - While reading "People Magazine" the other day, Brayden pointed to Kim Kardashian and said, "Momma - you kinda look like her."  Now, while I look absolutely nothing like Kim K, I was flattered that my three year old saw me as a tall, brunette, Armenian girl with really great shoes.  He obviously thinks I'm beautiful!

4.  My husband - He never comes out and says "You are really pretty."  But he holds me when I'm ugly crying and always kisses me its possible he's just trying to get lucky, but it still makes me feel pretty. 

5.  Smiling - Because Smiling is my favorite.  And everyone looks pretty with a smile on their face. 

What makes you feel pretty?  Comment below for a chance to win a fabulous prize! There are seven chances to win. Winners will be chosen via a random drawing on Sunday evening!    Good luck!

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  1. I always feel pretty when my son says I look like a beautiful princess. I know it's a little silly. He usually says this before I've even brushed my hair or gotten dressed. It reminds me that he sees me for me, not what I'm wearing, my morning breath (LOL!) or anything else.

    marie [at] workfromhomeme [dot] com

  2. My husband tells me at random times very very often how beautiful I am! I have really low self esteem and hearing that as often as I do, really jumps my self esteem to the sky and back! I also feel pretty when I get my hair and nails done! :)

  3. A little makeup & lot's of hair products. I know it's an 80's thing but I still look my best with that big hair. lol!

  4. Hey, I already told you mine. Does that count? I'm running low on hand soap, haha. :)

  5. anytime I have more than 30 minutes to get ready in the morning or a fitted dress with killer heels.

  6. In addition to the red lips and perfume, I'd just like to add in that I feel pretty when my hair is more 90s Winona Ryder than 90s Tom Cruise.

  7. I'm shipping out prizes next week so make sure you email your mailing address to me ASAP or else your prize will be returned to the prize vault! Thanks!